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Ballotpedia Releases 2016 State Election Agency Report

Vermont tops Ballotpedia’s rankings again, earning 49 out of 50 possible points.

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Middleton, Wis. – September 21, 2016: In a thriving democracy, any eligible individual who wishes to run for state or federal office can do so. In order to find a place on the ballot, these candidates must interact with their state’s election agency.

Ballotpedia communicates with state election agencies hundreds of times each year. We know from experience that the accessibility of these agencies varies greatly by state. An accessible state election agency helps candidates by providing the necessary documents on its website, presenting information in a clear format, and responding to inquiries in a timely manner. The interactions candidates have with these agencies can either make their lives easier, or more frustrating, as they work to get their names placed on the ballot before voters. Today, Ballotpedia released our second edition of the State Election Agency Report that measures the ease of access, quality of information, and response speed of these agencies.

In this year’s analysis, Vermont’s election agency ranked as the nation’s most accessible. The state earned 49 of 50 possible points. New Mexico, meanwhile, ranked at the bottom, earning six out of 50 possible points. Washington’s score improved from our last report more than that of any other state—Washington earned 24 more points in 2016 than in 2014—raising the state’s ranking from 22nd in 2014 to 3rd in 2016. By contrast, Pennsylvania’s score dropped 19 points from 2014 to 2016, lowering the state’s ranking from 11th in 2014 to 23rd in 2016.

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