Ballotpedia is a nonpartisan interactive encyclopedia of American politics published by the Lucy Burns Institute, designed to connect people to politics by creating an accessible and accurate resource on government. With the help of staff working from home offices across the country, Ballotpedia covers all three branches of government at the federal, state, and local levels. Each of these areas is further broken down into more specific projects covering a wide range of topics.

Ballotpedia’s federal coverage includes information about elections, candidates, elected officials, governing bodies and current events at the federal level. This content comprises four individual projects: presidential, federal affairs, U.S. Congress and federal courts. Candidate and incumbent pages offer detailed biographies as well as information on past elections, notable news, and positions on key issues.

Like federal coverage, Ballotpedia’s state coverage includes articles dedicated to elections, candidates and elected officials. Ballotpedia also incorporates information related to statewide ballot measures, giving voters a summary of the proposed legislation as well as arguments from those supporting and opposing each measure. State-level projects focus on state executive officials, state legislatures, state courts and state budgets.

Ballotpedia’s local coverage includes local ballot measures, municipal governments, and school boards. Readers can use these resources to learn about their current representation at the local level and discover which candidates will appear on the ballot in upcoming elections.

Ballotpedia also launched a Sample Ballot Lookup Tool in order to help readers more easily prepare for upcoming elections in their area. Other election resources Ballotpedia provides include a tool for readers to look up their current representatives, several free email newsletters, and a unique candidate survey.